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Showcasing Robots Activity Booklet | 11th – 12th Grade


This activity booklet was designed to fulfill the requirements for the Ambassador Showcasing Robots badge or can be used by frontier girl leaders to earn similar badges. Great for teachers and home schooled kids as well.

This booklet activities include writing first person accounts of historical figures, pitching movie ideas, and debating robot rights! 

Activities Include:

  1. Imagine Being Grace Hopper: Learn about computer programming pioneer, Grace Hopper, and reflect on her life and accomplishments.
  2. Debate Robot Rights: Imagine the future and debate whether robots with Artificial Intelligence should be granted rights. 
  3. Pitch a Movie Idea on the History of a Woman in Computer Coding: Learn about women who contributed to the field of computer science and write a movie pitch for one of these women.
  4. Write a TED talk about Advice You Have for Youth About Technology: Craft a compelling talk aimed at influencing young people.
  5. Program a Choose Your Own Adventure Story: You will create a Choose Your Own Adventure story using if/then conditionals.

IMPORTANT: You will need the internet and computer for some of the activities in this booklet.

Do you need more ideas on this topic? Gain even more free ideas to learn more about being a super robotics engineer, click here.


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