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Rock Painting

How To Take Part In The Kindness Rock Project And Earn a Fun Patch


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Today I want to talk about a popular activity that has taken the world by storm. It is called the Kindness Rock Project. Let me tell you about my experience. I was walking in the park with my son and was having a very bad day. My son pointed to a tree and said blue rock. I looked down and found this rock that said “All you need is love.” It truly brought a smile to my face and it was exactly what I needed on such a hard day. I went home and posted my find on our local Facebook group page that was made for the kindness rock project in our area. And then quickly joined into the movement.

My son and I painted our own rocks and dropped them off at the same park we found this one above. I hope my rocks also brought a smile to someones face. Also cheered up someone who was having a tough time.

Kindness Rock Project With Troops

That got me thinking, how popular is this? How many Girl Scout Leaders don’t know about this amazing way to show kindness to others while having fun being creative. I did some research and found their are many Facebook groups out there that are specific to different areas in USA. Instead of sharing all the groups, I will give you information about the founder site. From there you can easily search to determine if your town has their own group. If not take part in the international Kindness Rock page.

This is my legal clause since I don’t know everyones rules and laws in your community. Before jumping in, I will add that many areas have rules and regulations on where, and how many rocks can be placed in your neighborhood. Do some research before you join in on this movement to make sure you are not hurting the environment or breaking any laws.

This post will also cover:

  • What is the Kindness Rock Project?
  • How do you make rocks to be part of project?
  • A Pinterest board with ideas to get your creative juices flowing when designing your own.
  • I found a Fun Patch You Can Get For Your Girls after participating.
Let’s Get Started

What is the Kindness Project

The Kindness Rock project has two goals to first inspire others through randomly placing rocks along the way for people to find. Secondly for those people who find those rocks to join in on the pursuit of inspiring others through more random acts of kindness. If you want to know more about how it got started and for even more inspiration go here to learn more about the Kindness rock project.

How To Make The Kindness Rocks

I will share with you first how to make the rocks from scratch gathering all your supplies. Then I will also share with you a kit that you can get to make 10 rocks and it has everything you need so you wont have any further prep work to be done.

How to Make Rocks

  1. Get out and find the rocks. You can go out into nature or purchase them form a home improvement store. Make sure to use smooth flat rocks because they are the best for decorating and writing on.
  2. You will need paint. The non-toxic acrylic paint or spray paint are the best because they help prepare the rocks to be wrote on with paint pens. So have girls paint their rocks and then if they want to write something on them make sure to have Sharpie Oil Base paint pens because they are the best.
  3. When the painting is done add a sealant to your rock such as Modge Podge or clear acrylic spray to prevent it from fading when outside. Please make sure your paint is dry before applying the sealant.
  4. Optional: If you want the opportunity to see your rock online add “Share rock online and use hashtag #TheKindnessRocksProject” on the back before putting sealant on it. If someone shares that rock on social media and puts that hashtag in message you may find your rock. Meaning it has made it big on social media.

If you rather just have everything you need to make the rocks and just go to meeting and get started. I would recommend checking out the Creativity For Kids Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit. It includes 10 rocks and everything you need to paint them.

Get Your Kindness Rock Project Inspiration

After I found that rock in the park I went home and started searching Pinterest for inspiration to make my own. I created a Pinterest board that will help you get your creative juices flowing as well.

Kindness Rock Project Fun Patch

Are you excited about participating in the Kindness Rock Project? If you are then give each girl a Rock Painting Fun Patch to put on their vest. I found one that is cute and even has a patch program. Which means you can add even more rock making adventures in future.

Another Leader’s Kindness Rock Project Experience

“We painted rocks as part of a SU Encampment and gave the girls instructions to paint something Girl Scouts related and then added to the back of each page to post at “GSSD Rocks!” on Facebook and to rehide (with the approve of our Council, of course). The girls then got to hide them around the Scout camp grounds (again with approval) and it’s been awesome to see the posts. We are going to another local Scout camp later this year and we’re hoping to find some rocks there or maybe leave a few.” Shannon Thornton

What else can I do?

If your like most leaders your always looking for other ways to help your community and make the world a better place. Here are a few other ideas I have shared on the blog you may find interesting:

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This Leader Planner is from another amazing blogger named Jen her blog is called “I am StrawjenBerry” With the help of Jen I wrote a blog post explaining everything you will get in this planner. It has everything you need to plan your troop year. The planner contains your calendar, meeting planners, rosters and badge trackers in one safe place for when you need it. Read more

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!