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4 Ways Your Girl Scout Troop Can Give Back to the Community

4 Ways Your Girl Scout Troop Can Give Back to the Community


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As a Girl Scout leader, you will know first hand that being involved in scouting is far more of a vocation and passion than something that feels like a job. You will also be aware that
generosity and kindness are at the heart of scouting. With this in mind, here are four key ways in which your Girl Scout troop can give back to the community and how you can change many peoples’ lives for the better.

Organizing Clean-Ups of Local Parks

Unfortunately, for every environmentally friendly and conscious member of the public, who
always places their trash in the can and picks up after themselves, there is another who is
careless and thoughtless, leaving rubbish strewn across the ground.

Organizing a clean-up with your troop of a local park central to your meeting building or
going online to find the areas that most need litter-picking and general tidying will benefit not only the people in the local area but also the wildlife.

Prepare a Community Allotment

One of the best ways for people in a certain area to get to know each other on an informal
and organic basis is when they come together to engage in group activities, and the
nurturing and expanding of a community allotment is at the top of the list.

Not only will a community allotment allow beginner and experienced gardeners to meet and
mix, but you and your scout troop will also benefit from being out in the great outdoors and
fresh air. You could even make jams and chutneys from your crop and sell this to benefit
local charities.

Volunteer to Help the Elderly

Loneliness and isolation are huge problems for older adults, which is why more and more
seniors are opting to move to the thriving social hub of an established assisted senior living
like this place in Austin, Texas

As a scout leader, organizing your troop to help out once a month (or more regularly) is a
great way to give back. They could help with anything from grocery shopping for the
residents, baking cakes, and serving food to performing on entertainment nights. These acts
will make a huge positive difference in the lives of those living in such facilities.

Benefits to children who regularly volunteer are numerous and include:

  • The introduction of important life skills
  • An enhancement to their perspective on life
  • A way to build social skills with all ages
  • A benefit to both their physical and emotional health

Look to Enter Careers That Give Back

The fourth and final way to encourage your Girl Scout troop to be conscientious, kind, and
thoughtful and give back to the community is to hold discussions centered around what they
want to do with their lives and the future.

Naturally, young people change their minds numerous times about where they would like
their professional career to take them when they are older. However, highlighting those
industries and individual job roles that are focused on giving back to the community, such as
nursing, can only ever be a good thing.

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!

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