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Top 7 Picks For Girl Scouts: A 2022 Gift Guide


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When Juliette Gordon Low organized a team of 18 young girls more than a hundred years ago, she didn’t realize that it’d be massively popular. When Juliette gathered the girls in her hometown in Savannah, Georgia, their main goal was to create a lifelong friendship that would support each other’s dreams.

Juliette wanted the girls to seek their strengths and discover opportunities while they explore the world and quench their curiosity about things. Currently, there are about 2.6 million registered members of girl scouts worldwide. Over its course of existence, 59 million American women participated in Girls Scouts growing up.

More than friendship, the organization has helped many people along the way and has given its share of essential contributions to society. From raising funds to help sick kids, care for the environment, fight bullies, and even help the elderly cross the street.

If you know a girl scout, honoring what they do with a simple gift would mean a lot. A gift that would show gratitude for every noble thing they’ve accomplished will encourage them to continue building this world positively. To give you an idea, here’s a compilation of excellent gifts to give your outstanding girl scout:

  1. Customized T-shirt

A shirt with the print of the girl scout logo, their mission, or their troop number would be an incredible gift for your deserving girl scout. The list is endless for a customized shirt. You can put a witty text, a caricature, or an actual image of the girl scout in action. Should you want one or a batch of this made, check out Printful. They make quality custom print shirts in different sizes and materials.

  1. Journal

Journaling is one activity that girl scouts love to do. Scribbling their thoughts and plans for the day or week helps them organize. Having a journal for them is handy as it enables them to jot down their schedule and scribble their ideas as they come so they won’t forget.

A journal will also allow them to write down their key learnings and vital discoveries in each activity they participate in. It can also help the girls record their reflections as they gather in a circle during breakout sessions in a big girl scout gathering.

  1. Walkie-Talkies

A discovery activity in the woods will be more fun with a walkie-talkie. Gifting your girl scout with this will allow them to communicate with friends during a night of camping. They can talk via two-way radio between tents and have many fun memories to share with others.

During exploration sessions, it’ll be easier to call friends in the woods instead of shouting and disturbing the peace of animals in their natural habitat. The cute ones can work at a distance of 100 meters, while the more sophisticated ones have a range of 2-5 miles.

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  1. Friendship Bracelet Kit

Girl scouts are all about friendship. To nurture and remember all the friends they have made in their troop, they can make them a friendship bracelet to give to other girls. It’ll be something worthwhile that they can treasure forever. A friendship bracelet kit is a beautiful gift for a girl scout, it’ll also be a fun activity they can do with their friends.

  1. DIY Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit

Girl scouts often hold fundraising activities for various charity groups. They raise funds for kids with cancer, buy books for a library, help the homeless, and many other important endeavors. A DIY sugar cookie decorating kit will be something that can help them achieve their goals more quickly.

With this kit, they can decorate the cookies with girl scout symbols fast, pack them beautifully for sale, and raise enough money in a shorter time.

  1. Instant Camera

A camera with a built-in printer? Say no more. This type of camera has been making rounds because of its ease of use and quick-wait feature. Sure, you can snap photos using your smartphones. But this instant camera can quickly print photos so you can share beautiful shots you’ve made with your friends.

The vintage appeal of instant cameras brings kids to the time their parents or grandparents enjoyed with Polaroids. It’s more fun since you can be candid without using filters.

  1. Stylish Vest

Girl scouts often collect badges for a milestone they have achieved. A stylish vest can hold these badges proudly and allow them to display all their achievements, however small they might be. This vest can be something they can keep and show to their future kids and grandkids. It’ll be easier to tell the story of how they achieved each badge and what they had to go through to complete everything.

Where to start with badges… you are going to love these cute adorable fun patches to put on the back of your girl’s vest. You can buy them individually or as a complete set.


Girl scouts are essential in shaping women’s future in society. They remain to be vital in teaching positive values to girls all over the world. Honoring them with gifts that would emphasize their contributions, like a customized shirt and vest where they can display their accomplishments, will be something they will appreciate.

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!

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