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JOANN Fabrics and Michaels Discounts any Scout Leader Will Love

JOANN Fabrics and Michaels Discounts any Scout Leader Will Love


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Today I want to share with you two reward programs that are free to join and all will help save you money on those craft supplies you need to buy for your troop.


You may have already heard about this new addition to the JOANN Fabric store the “Girl Scout Reward Card” But if not I want to share a little more about it and also give you the link to sign up for free to start getting this amazing 15% discount on every purchase. First you probably want to know if you qualify for their card and if your a leader or associated with Girl Scouts you probably are but here is the qualifications…you just need one of the following to be true:

  • A current Girl Scout member that has a valid troop number
  • A parent or legal guardian of a Girl Scout
  • A lifetime member of the Girl Scouts with a member ID
  • A current volunteer with the Girl Scouts that has a valid troop number
  • A current Girl Scouts employee at a council location or Girl Scouts of the USA

Next you may be asking what is this program exactly?

JOANN has partnered up with Girl Scouts of the USA and now when you use their reward card saving you 15% on your purchases JOANN also is giving back up to 2.5 of each transaction to GSUSA to help give girls even more opportunities.

How long will this program last?

You can expect this program to continue to run at least till August 31, 2020 so you have lots of time to use it.

Can it be used online orders and in store orders?

Every time you checkout at JOANN online or in store present your reward card and receive that 15% your order. There are a few items that may be excluded from the discount but most items are within the program.

Get your very own reward card now and save 15% on every purchase very day.

Michaels The Art and Craft Store Reward Program

If you are a Michaels shopper and want to be sure to save on your purchases as a leader here is the reward program they have available.

I hope these ideas for saving at 2 of the major craft stores help you as a troop save money and do more for your girls.

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