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12 Great T-shirt Decals Your Troop Will Love

on February 15, 2020

Are you looking for a new shirt decal for your troop? I have a number of fellow leaders who have done a lot of work putting together creative decals that you will love on Etsy. Below I am sharing with you 12 of my favorite and most of them all come from the same shop ProverbsAttic!

  1. Scouts Girl Inspirational Heart with Custom Troop Number

  2. Scouts Girl My Troop Rocks Custom Troop Number

  3. Scouts Happy Camper Marshmallow with Troop Number

  4. Scout Mom Girl Cookies

  5. Scout Dad Girl Cookies
  6. Scout Mom
  7. Scouts Girl Inspirational Star with Custom Troop Number

  8. Scouts Girl Troop Have Courage and Be Kind File

  9. Scouts Girl USA Map Collage with Custom Troop Number

  10. Scouts Girl One Scout Can Make a Difference

  11. Scouts Girl Inspirational Collage

  12. Tough Enough To Be A Leader
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