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You've Been Elfed Game, Service Project and Fun Patch

You've Been Elfed Game, Service Project and Fun Patch


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Have you ever heard of the concept of delivering Christmas cheer around your neighborhood and leaving a note that says You’ve Been Elfed? 

Maybe you have, but let me explain real quick anyway for everyone else… First off it would be a great tradition to start in your neighborhood. One person starts it by leaving a treat at someones door with a sign saying you have been elfed with a note or poem explaining how to pass on the cheer. Then pass it on by ringing someones doorbell, leave the treat and run which is best part because no one needs to know who sent them the Christmas cheer. This would continue as long as everyone who receives the treat passes it on to someone else. Leaving your sign on the door till Christmas so everyone knows you already were elfed by someone.

Since this is such a popular Christmas activity I thought it would be a great concept for a party game. Today I want to explain a little more about the You’ve been elfed mystery scavenger hunt activity booklet which includes a fun game to teach your girls to be kind to others during the holiday season and it includes bonus material to take action for real and spread holiday cheer in your neighborhood.

What Mystery Will You Be Solving?

This time of year Santa and his elves are very busy in the North Pole
preparing for Christmas. Since he couldn’t spare any of his elves, Santa
asked for some help to spread Christmas cheer to a few of his friends.
He asked a family of 10 fairies to become his elf helpers and deliver
some delicious treats to his friends on his list.

While the fairy elf helpers were out delivering the treats one of the fairies decided not to be honest or helpful and ate the treats leaving one of Santa’s friends without any Christmas cheer. Santa has his list and wants to make sure all his friends get some holiday cheer. When Santa asked the fairies for information they all said they did what Santa asked.
One of the fairies did not tell the truth and it is your job to figure out
who, as well as what treat they were suppose to deliver, and which
friend didn’t get their Christmas cheer.

You will be searching for cards throughout the playing area and marking fairies, treats, and friends off of Santa’s list to help him finish his delivery’s. During the game you will have many opportunities to interact with other players. The cards you will be collecting, trading and stealing from other players will help you figure out who didn’t get elfed with Christmas cheer.

How To Play the You’ve Been Elfed Mystery Scavenger Hunt

The printable game comes with 10 different types of interactive playing cards used to help players solve the mystery during game play which makes the game super fun. As well as 10 fairy elf helpers, 10 Christmas treats, and 10 you’ve been elfed cards.

Players will use Santa’s Christmas list to eliminate fairy elf helpers, Christmas treats, and friend from the list to discover who was the dishonest fairy and what treat didn’t get delivered and what friend did not get any Christmas cheer (elfed).

1. Before meeting print all the playing pieces and cut out.

If you plan to play this game again later print on card stock and laminate the pieces so they don’t get ruined.

2. Next, remove one elf helper, one Christmas treat, and one You’ve been elfed cards and put aside in a envelope where no one can see it.

These three cards are the answer to the Christmas cheer mystery. The players will be eliminating all the other cards they find during the game to solve the mystery. Every time you play the game the solution and game play will be different which allows you to play this game over and over without getting bored.

Here are all the elf helper, you’ve been elfed friends and Christmas treat cards that come with game

3. Hide the interactive playing cards around the playing area.

Place all the interactive playing cards into envelopes and hide around the playing area. These cards will be collected and used by the players to solve the mystery. There are 10 different type of cards that are used and each card has all the details of what the players can do with them. You will go over the cards before the game starts so everyone understands exactly what to do with each of them.

Here is a sneak peak at the 10 interactive cards used in game:

Younger player alternative: If you have younger players who can’t read do not even use these interactive cards. You can just use the cards for fairy elf helper, Christmas treats, and You’ve been elfed friends and play it as a search and find scavenger hunt. Print as many cards of each that you have players plus one extra set for leader. Hide them all face down around playing area. Then hold up one of the fairy elf helper, treats and friends and tell the players they have to walk around room and flip over cards to find the three matching cards. Winner could be first to finish or just do this for fun to get everyone up and moving.

4. Each player will use Santa’s list to solve the mystery

On your cue players will run around and collect envelopes one at a time. Opening envelopes to reveal the cards, eliminating fairy elf helpers, Christmas treats, and friends off their Santa’s Christmas list. Players will use the interactive playing cards to learn more about what other players know to be the first to solve the mystery.

Each player will have this list to help them eliminate cards to solve mystery

You’ve Been Elfed Kindness Project Bonus Material

After playing the game and helping Santa solve the mystery now it is time for you to go out and spread some real Christmas cheer.

As a bonus with this game you will also get the “You’ve been elfed” printables with a mission if you choose to accept it to help Santa spread kindness and cheer until Christmas. You can use the Elf sign and elf stickers to help you spread some real Christmas cheer and kindness to people in your neighborhood.

Elf Scout On a Mission Spread Kindness Fun Patch Idea

Stop over to Mad About Fun Patches website and get the matching fun patch “Elf scout on a mission spread kindness”. If you want more ideas to spread kindness this Christmas you will get a free activity included when your order one of these fun patches.

In Summary

Age & group size: This game is great for 8 years and up. (see variation for younger girls above) Great for 6 – 12 players. If you have less than 6 you can pull some of the game play cards out to meet the ratio of people. If you have larger groups than 12 you can put people into teams of up to 4 in a group. You can also print more play cards (not the actual fairy helpers, treats, or characters) to allow for a better experience with group. N

What is included: There are 10 different types of playing cards used to interact with each other during game play. As well as 10 fairy elf helpers, 10 Christmas treats, and 10 friends of Santa cards.Using Santa’s Christmas list printable your girls will be eliminating fairy elf helpers, Christmas treats, and friend from the list to discover who was the dishonest fairy and what treat didn’t get delivered and what friend did not get any Christmas cheer.

Bonus content: After playing the game use the “You’ve been elfed” templates that are included to spread some real Christmas cheer and kindness to people in your neighborhood.

Get your You’ve Been Elfed Mystery Scavenger + Bonus Content now

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