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Thanksgiving Party

6 Activities and Games for a Memorable Thanksgiving Party with Your Girl Scout Troop


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Thanksgiving is a time for coming together and creating lasting memories. In this post, you'll find a variety of engaging games and activities that will appeal to both your troop members and the adult leaders and parents. Get ready to celebrate and have a blast with these festive ideas!

What are you Thankful for?

Gather your girls in a circle and encourage them to reflect on what they are grateful for. Take turns sharing these moments of appreciation, allowing each girl to express herself more than once if needed. It's a wonderful activity to cultivate a sense of gratitude and foster a positive atmosphere within your troop.

Thanksgiving Party Activity Booklet

Here is 3 fun games to add to your event. This activity booklet has 3 very fun games all focused on Thanksgiving. The girls will have a blast running from corner to corner of the room in the 4 corner game. Then jump into the turkey card game where the girls will compete against each other to match their 4 cards before someone else does. Lastly play a game of bingo. Learn more about this activity booklet and get yours today!

Gratitude Jar Craft

In this gratitude jar craft, we aim to provide a meaningful and creative activity for girls of different age groups. Start by selecting an age-appropriate plastic or glass jar with a lid. Allow the girls to unleash their creative flair and decorate the jars using a variety of supplies, such as glitter glue, markers, paints, tissue paper, and stickers. Personalizing the jars with the girl's name adds a thoughtful touch. Through this craft, we encourage girls to not only embrace gratitude but also express their unique personalities. So, let's dive into the art of gratitude and create beautiful, personalized jars together!

Have the girls cut out small pieces of paper to write something their grateful for daily and place it in the jar. They can do it from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day or for the whole year.

Gratitude Game

Your girls may will enjoy the Petal Fairy Gratitude Game and 6 amazing ways to say thank you to someone in your life.

Turkey Tag Game

You will need 3 clothespins for each girl.  The girls place 3 clothespins on their clothes. When you say go the girls run and try to take the clothespins off the other girls. The
girl with the most clothespins wins. It is more fun to play tag outside but it can also be placed inside.

Pumpkin Roll

You will need 2 pumpkins around the same size. Divide your girls and possibly leaders into 2 groups. They need to be in a single file line and take turns rolling the pumpkin down a course. The course can be a straight line or with obstacles. The first team to finish wins. Of course, pumpkins don’t roll straight so this game is a lot of fun.

Your girls may also enjoy a few different pumpkin crafts to add to Thanksgiving event.

pumpkin image 1
pumpkin image 2

Turkey Is Stuffed Favors

I used 2 color napkins put food gummy’s inside tied with ribbon and then added eyes and beak and tag saying I’m stuffed. I found that glue dots worked great for this craft.

Turkey Draw

You will need a piece of paper for each girl, a book and crayons or a pencil. The girls hold a book on their head with a piece of paper on top of the book. The girls get a pencil or crayon. Tell them to draw a turkey while the book and paper is on their heads. They can’t take it from their head until they are done drawing. It’s a fun activity and the results will vary. Make sure the girls share their turkey drawing with the rest of the troop.

Thanksgiving Escape Room

This one comes from another passionate Girl leader. She created “We’re Late for Thanksgiving Dinner” which tasks the players to complete a frazzled mom’s to do list before they can leave for Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s house. The game includes an optional part for the host to play in addition to giving the players hints.

It is designed for players to escape in an hour. The games are digital downloads that include your supply list, directions for setting up the room, how to set up locked boxes and what goes inside and all the printables that are used in the game. Simply set up meeting space so girls can walk around comfortably. 

thanksgiving party escape room

Thanksgiving Party Fun Patch

This is the time of year to be thankful. After your girls enjoy some thankful games during this month. Add this adorable fun patch to the back of their vest: “I choose to be thankful for you..Happy Friendsgiving

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!