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Petal Fairy Fun Patches: A Girl Scouting Adventure for Daisy Troops


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Spark excitement and learning with the Petal Fairy Fun Patch Set!

These adorable Girl Scout Law Petal Fairy Fun Patches are the perfect way to celebrate your Daisy troop's achievements and add a touch of magic to the back of their vests. Whether you're using them alongside the Daisy Petal Fairy Garden Adventure Activity Booklet (sold separately) or simply reinforcing the Girl Scout Law, these patches will be a hit!

Why Your Daisies Will Love Them:

  • Cute Designs: Each patch features a charming fairy representing one of the 10 Girl Scout Laws.
  • Versatility: Use them individually or complete the set to showcase all the laws your troop has mastered.
  • Learning Reinforcement: Visually engaging patches can be a helpful tool to remind girls of the Girl Scout Law.

Buy Girl Scout Law Petal Fairy Fun Patches Individually

Honest and Fair Petal Fairy Fun Patch: Celebrating Truth and Integrity!

The Honest and Fair Fun Patch is a charming addition to any Daisy vest, symbolizing the first and foundational principle of the Girl Scout Law. This patch features a friendly fairy embodying honesty and fairness, reminding girls of the importance of these values.

Friendly and Helpful Petal Fairy Fun Patch: Kindness and Teamwork!

This patch offers activities that introduce your girls to the importance of being a good friend and lending a helping hand. Explore fun ideas to complete the petal requirements and watch your Daisies blossom into caring and considerate Girl Scouts!

Considerate and Caring Petal Fairy Fun Patch: Growing big hearts!

This patch takes girls on a journey of empathy and kindness. Discover creative activities that help girls understand the importance of thinking of others and putting smiles on faces. Watch your girls become thoughtful friends who make the world a brighter place, one good deed at a time!

Courageous and Strong Petal Fairy Fun Patch: Show bravery and build confidence!

This patch will empower your girls to face challenges with a smile . Have fun with activities designed to build confidence, resilience, and a sense of adventure. Explore creative ideas to help your girls conquer their fears, try new things, and discover their inner strength. Watch them transform into courageous and capable individuals, ready to take on anything that comes their way!

Responsible for What I Say and Do Petal Fairy Fun Patch: Growing into a responsible young lady!

This patch guides girls on an exciting adventure of learning about accountability and taking ownership of their choices. Discover fun activities that teach girls the importance of honesty, following through on commitments, and thinking before they speak.

Respect Myself and Others Petal Fairy Fun Patch: Shine bright with self-respect!

This patch guides girls on a magical journey of self-discovery and empathy. Through fun activities, girls will learn about self-worth, positive self-talk, and taking care of themselves.

Respect Authority Petal Fairy Fun Patch: Navigate the world with respect!

Does your girls dream of becoming responsible and respectful young ladies? This patch unlocks a world of activities designed to teach girls the importance of following rules, listening to those in charge, and treating others with courtesy.

Use Resources Wisely Petal Fairy Fun Patch: Appreciation our resources!

This patch explores smart water and energy use, empowering girls to become conscious consumers who make a difference. Through playful crafts and games, girls will learn how to be resourceful heroes, minimizing waste, giving old items a new life, and becoming recycling champions!

Make the World a Better Place Petal Fairy Fun Patch: Be the Change!

This patch is a way to teach girls the power of kindness, compassion, and community service. From creating care packages to organizing neighborhood cleanups, girls will explore ways to make their local world a better place.

Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout Petal Fairy Fun Patch: Sisterhood starts here!

This patch builds a strong foundation of sisterhood, where every girl feels valued and supported. Through playful games and activities, girls will learn the importance of inclusivity, empathy, and celebrating each other's differences.

Adventure Awaits: Petal Fairy Garden Activities

Looking for a fun and engaging way to help your Daisies earn their petals? Look no further than the Petal Fairy Garden Adventure Activity Booklets!

This program introduces your troop to 10 flower fairies who will guide them on a magical garden adventure. As they help the fairies plant and care for their flowers, your girls will learn about each Girl Scout Law, one activity at a time.

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The Petal Fairy Garden Adventure program takes the guesswork out of planning. Each petal section includes a supply list, making it easy to prepare for engaging activities.

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