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Petal Fairy Fun Patch Set is a great addition to the back of your girls vest


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I am so excited… The Petal Fairy Patches are now available to purchase! These cute patches are a great addition to the back of your girls vest. They are a great addition to the Daisy Petal Fairy Garden Adventure Activity Booklet (sold separately) or for any other level if your teaching your girls more about each law they will love these patches.

I partnered with a great patch company Advantage Emblem so you will order these patches off their site and they will ship it to your home. You can purchase them individually if you only want one of the laws or as a complete set. Below are the links to purchase them for your girls. Enjoy!!

Petal Fairy Garden Adventure Activity Booklets

If you have a Daisy troop and are interested in taking your girls on the petal fairy adventure that goes along with the patches. Let me introduce you to the Petal Fairy Garden Adventure family, which are 10 flower fairies ready to help your Daisies earn their petals. Your girls will go on a garden adventure helping their petal fairy friends plant their fairy flowers, water their fairy gardens, and learn how to put the value into action one activity at a time.

Everything is planned for you all you have to do is gather the supplies listed at the top of each petal section and enjoy running your meeting. If you are looking for a fun new way to help your Daisies fulfill the requirements for the petals and flower center, check out the Daisy Petal Fairies Leader Booklet and Activity Booklets for each girl. There are a number of options to fit into your troops budget including printing leader booklets at home or have them mailed to your house, as well as options for girls activity booklets.  Learn more and get yours today!