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5 Fun Patches For September And Activities For Your Troop

5 Fun Patches For September And Activities For Your Troop


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Wow everyone it is September already. This is a big month because many troops are starting back up after a long summer off. I want to share today 5 great fun patches that you may want to incorporate into your Fall festivities with your troop. If your council does fall product there is a very cute patch to go along with a Fall Rally. And of course who doesn’t love a Fall hike and harvest party. Scroll down to learn more about each of these events with activity suggestions and a patch to go with them.

Fun patches are meant to be put on the back of your vest. I know we all love earning the badges for the front, but this post is covering ideas for the back of your vest. All the fun patches come from a company called Advantage Emblem and Screen Printing.

Fall Fun Patch

This fun patch can be just about anything in the fall. You could do a craft with your girls like this acorn necklace craft I did with my girls or if you are looking to have a fall fest party with your girls that is not scary here is 4 great ideas to try.

Then after all the fun, what better way to remember what you did then with this Fun Patch for back of vest. Get your Fall Fun Fun Patch Now

Fall Product Rally Patch

Many councils have a fall product sale. The Fall Product Rally introduces girls to the Fall Product Program. It is usually a social event for girls in September. It is a great way to meet other members, get excited for GS year and learn about products. Doing SWAPS at this event is a great way to get to know each other. Here is some great ideas to get you started making SWAPS

After you have had some fun meeting new girls and learning about the fall products be sure to get each of your girls this adorable fun patch for the back of their vests: Get your Fall Product Rally Fun Patch Now

Fall Hike Fun Patch

A fall hike is always so pretty with the leaves changing and falling. If you have Brownies they may enjoy earning the hiking badge at this time of year. Here is a number of ideas to try on your next hike.

Be sure to grab this nice fun patch for your girls to put on the back of their vest to remember how much fun they had on the hike.Get your Fall Hike Fun Patch Now

Harvest Fun Patch

 Do you know why we have a harvest fest? it is because this is the time of year when all the crops have been harvested. A Harvest Festival is a celebration of the food grown on the land. We celebrate this day by singing and decorating with baskets of fruit and food in a festival known as ‘Harvest Festival’, usually during the month of September. Your harvest festival wont be complete without some crafts. I have put together a Pinterest board that is full of ideas to inspire your creativity.

Add this great fun patch to the back of your vest after your festival: Get your Harvest Fun Patch Now

Maple Syrup Fun Patch

If you can get to a place that makes maple syrup and take a tour of the location that would be a lot of fun for your girls. Another idea if field trips are hard is making your own maple syrup as a alternative. Here is a easy recipe to try.

To remember what you did get this nice fun patch to put on the back of your girls vest: Get your Maple Syrup Fun Patch Now

5 more fun patches you will love for this time of year

Fall Season brings many opportunities for fall festivals, halloween parties, celebrating our founders birthday Juliette Low. If you need more ideas check these 5 patches out.

If you love patches there are a lot more where these came from….

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Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!