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Easy! 6 Steps to Make a Pumpkin Bird Feeder with Your Troop

Easy! 6 Steps to Make a Pumpkin Bird Feeder with Your Troop


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From the Founders of Think Outside Boxes

Pumpkin is the flavor of the month! Between pumpkin lattes, pumpkin pies, and pumpkin carvings, this squash wins the spotlight for sweet treats and fun family activities. There’s more to do with pumpkins than carvings to add to your fall décor. Have you ever tried making a DIY Pumpkin Bird Feeder?

DIY Pumpkin Bird Feeders are a fun and easy activity for the full family to enjoy—check it out here.

Benefits of a Pumpkin Feeder

These are a quick way to support the winter chirp-chirps in your local area or birds migrating through your neck of the woods. Birds migrate for many reasons, it may be to move to a warmer climate, for mating, or due to lack of adequate food sources.

In fact, there are 4 different migration patterns in birds:

  • Permanent residents – These birds do not migrate, but stay in their current habitat year round.
  • Summer residents – These are birds that migrate South in the winter.
  • Winter residents – These are birds who migrate North in the winter.
  • Transients – Transient birds migrate much further North and South and you only ever see them in passing during migration.

What Food To Put In Feeder

In the northern U.S., winter can see some extreme temperatures. This makes insects and food much more difficult for migrating and permanent resident birds to find. When making a DIY bird feeder, you will want to be thoughtful about which feathered friends may be in search of food, and what those birds eat.

Here’s a quick list that shows common ingredients in bird food for your new pumpkin bird feeders:

  • Black-oil sunflower seed: Common feed with a thinner shell, attracting most birds including cardinals, chickadees, and finches.
  • Cracked corn: This is a less expensive option that is enjoyed by doves, quail, and sparrows.
  • Berries & fruits: Many fruit eating birds will enjoy berries, grapes, and seeds of apples or pumpkins. Fruit-based feed can attract small birds like mockingbirds, catbirds, or robins.
  • Nyjer: This “thistle” seed is a favorite for finches but is best served by itself and not in bird mixes. This type of bird food would be great for a smaller bird feeder, but maybe not the DIY Pumpkin Bird Feeder.

Your new bird feeder will create a fond memory for you and your troop; however, this gem won’t last forever! Carved pumpkins typically last 5-10 days, depending on how wet or warm it gets. So set up your new décor with food on day 1, but after about a week, it’s time to think about pitching it and deciding if it’s time for another trip to the pumpkin patch for DIY Pumpkin Bird Feeder 2.0.

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Over & Out!

What else can I do with my troop outside?

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Beyond the pumpkin feeder

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Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!