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Everything You Need To Get Started With A Flag Ceremony


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There are many types of Flag Ceremonies and Folding the flag ceremonies. Today I want to share a few for you to take back to your troop. I recommend getting index cards and write out the standard flag ceremony commands on it so your ready at your meetings and events.

Here are a few other great ceremony ideas to use with your troop if you are not in need of flag ceremonies at this time:

Standard Flag Ceremony

Caller Commands:

  • GS Attention
  • Color Guard Attention
  • Color Guard Advance
  • Color Guard Present Colors
  • GS please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance (recites pledge)
  • GS please join me in the GS Promise (recites Promise)
  • Color Guard Dismissed
  • GS Dismissed

When do I fly a flag?

The American Flag is an idolized symbol of the United States and should be properly displayed on all days when weather permits, especially on designated flag flying days. Never miss an important flag flying holiday by following the dates below:

Flashlight Flag Ceremony


Narrator (one, or more if your troop is large)
Four Flashlight Bearers (candles may be substituted)
Flag Bearer and Color Guard(s)

Color Guard advances with Flag and posts Colors. Lights are turned out so that the room is in total darkness flashlight bearers turn on flashlights (or light candies) and direct light toward flag.

NARRATOR: What you see here tonight represents the past, present, and future. The stripes of Old Glory stand for the original thirteen colonies. The stars represent the present 50 states. The light and warmth of the four lights you see shining here remind us of the four great freedoms – Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. Eliminate any one of these freedoms and our world would becomes darker and colder.

Narrator calls out the four freedoms slowly. As each is called a flashlight is turned off until the room is again in total darkness.

1. Freedom of the Press
2. Freedom of Assembly
3. Freedom of Speech
4. Freedom of Religion

NARRATOR: In this world of potential cold and darkness, of rule by a few, stands the United States of Americas Here the Four Freedoms do exist and are an example of warmth and light for all. Will you please join us in the salute to our flag? (Turn flashlights back on and direct light toward flag)

All – join in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!