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5 Fun Activities to help you earn the Ambassador Dinner Party Badge


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Ever since the pandemic first began, we’ve all learned how important it is to appreciate the company of our beloved friends and family more often. What better way is there than to invite everyone over for a dinner party? It’s the perfect chance to share good food and conversation with the people you love.

While most everyone loves to attend dinner parties, people underestimate just how difficult it is to be a host and throw one. As the lockdowns ease and friends are allowed to get together again, use this opportunity to teach your troop about hosting so they can earn their Ambassador Dinner Party badge!

5 Great Ideas to Become A Dinner Party Ambassador

With these ideas your girls will become experienced hostesses and able to throw an entertaining event together even on short notice. These skills will aid them in the future whether they want to pursue cooking or event planning (or simply enjoy socializing).

“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.”

–Auguste Escoffier

Study Different Cuisines

If you want to throw a successful dinner party, you need to have a solid understanding of the food you serve. You will need to research various diets and cuisines. Have your girls learn about what it means to be a vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, gluten-free, etc. This research gives them a strong understanding of the types of dietary restrictions their guests might have.

Studying different cuisines is also essential to learn about cultures and how people prepare food around the world. Use this opportunity to find out what other countries eat for breakfast, the types of spices they prefer, and which fruits and veggies they have access to. Your girls can either focus on a specific culture or multiple ones to better understand cultural differences. Have them present their findings or prepare a popular dish from one of the cuisines.

Curate A Menu

Every professional chef has to curate a menu first before they start cooking for a dinner party. To create your own, pick a specific cuisine or ingredient to focus on. If you select one component, think of how you can incorporate it into every meal that you serve, even desserts and drinks! Figure out which fruits and veggies are currently in season and whether your guests prefer something hot or cold. Most people will want a refreshing salad over a hearty soup when it’s summer!

You could also have your girls curate a sample menu for their own restaurant. They should imagine what type of cuisine they would specialize in, who their customers would be, and what dish they would be famous for. You can have them design their menu on something that you can display to everyone like this one and present it to the troop, explaining how the courses all tie together.

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Learn Course Etiquette

Hosting a dinner party takes a lot of effort–it’s more than just cooking the food! Some rules and etiquettes can elevate your event and make you stand out as a host. In this activity, your troop will need to research how to organize and run dinner to ensure it flows seamlessly. You and your girls should also study tableware placement and how to provide silver service.

How to set a table for a five course meal

Timing is crucial when serving food, so take the time to learn how chefs prepare meals and in which order they make them. Try and interview a nearby chef to get even more detailed explanations of the processes. You can ask them what their favorite cuisines are, why they chose cooking, and what their ideal dinner party would be.

Practice Your Skills

As everyone knows, practice makes perfect. This is so true for cooking and hosting dinner parties! Before your troop hosts their own get-together, they should practice preparing the ingredients and cooking the meals. It’s crucial that they understand food safety and handling, proper knife skills, and timing. They should learn how to properly store food so it doesn’t go bad, what types of ingredients they’ll need, how to cut them, and how to plate the final dish.

Presentation is just as important as the taste, so your girls should research how to improve their own meals’ appearances. They’ll learn the different plating styles and how to slice ingredients in an aesthetically pleasing way. Create unique designs using unconventional tools, like using an ice cream scoop or cookie cutters as molds! Don’t forget to take pictures to catalog your attempts and experiences.

If you are looking for a fun way to practice different meals. Have Fun Putting on a mystery meal with your friends, younger girls, or other troops. This is a 3 course meal you can always add 2 more courses if you want to practice all 5 courses.

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Plan Your Own Dinner Party

Your girls need to thoroughly plan a dinner party before they can start hosting one. Dinners take so much preparation–they’re rarely spontaneous! Decide what kind of party they want, whether formal or casual and plan it out in detail. Have them choose a fun theme to tie everything together, such as a simple birthday celebration, vegetarian-only delicacies, or a favorite movie. You should set a budget and research which shops will have the best products and prices to fit their menu.

You should also include decorations in the budget! You can find inexpensive table decor at the dollar store or on Amazon. Depending on the theme, they might want to pick up some candles, matching cutlery, or table cards like these. You can even find some quality pieces at secondhand stores for great prices.


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Try out the ideas we have here, or use them as inspiration to create your own projects. Once your girls become Ambassadors, they can use their research and detailed plans to host a fantastic dinner party for their friends and family. Remind them to take pictures of the party setup and all of the meals they prepare!