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WOOD ESCAPE: Rescue Fairies from The Woods | Wide Game - Escape Room Style Challenges

    WOOD ESCAPE: Rescue Fairies from The Woods | Wide Game - Escape Room Style Challenges

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      This game has ten challenges that are themed around ten different skill sets: First Aid, Campfire, Nutrition, Map Skills, Knots, Star Gazing, Shelter, Clean Water, Wildlife, and Nature. Girls must complete each challenge and do a final activity to free the fairies from the woods.

      There are ten fairies that the girls need to help in some way to restore their magic. In exchange for helping the fairies each person will receive a crest and a magic letter that will be used in the final activity.

      The printable game comes with the following:

      • 10 fairy direction cards
      • 20 instruction cards (10 normal and 10 hard difficulty level)
      • Crest and Magic Word Cards
      • Find the missing map skills
      • Camp fire cards
      • First aid cards
      • Clean water facts challenge
      • Star gazing constellation cards
      • Wildlife food chain cards
      • Nutrition Challenge | Food plate and playing cards
      • Knot Challenge | How to tie knot worksheet
      • Final challenge worksheets and cards

      Difficulty Levels
      There are two different difficulty levels to choose from: normal and hard. Both will be educational and fun. It is recommended to use the normal difficulty level for K-5th graders and for the 6th – 12th graders use the hard difficulty level. Use the appropriate cards labeled for the difficulty level you will be using. For different age groups you can incorporate both challenge levels into the activity just use both difficulty level cards.


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