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Be A Sister To Every Girl Fairy Garden Adventure Activity Booklet

    Be A Sister To Every Girl Fairy Garden Adventure Activity Booklet

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      This activity booklet is designed to fulfill the requirements for the Be a Sister to Every Girl Daisy Petal or it can be used by leaders who just want to teach their girls important values to live by.

      The garden fairy program will take your girls on a fun adventure with their new fairy friends who need your girls help to plant their flowers, water their gardens, and in return the garden fairies will help your girls learn how to live by the fairy laws one activity at a time.

      What is included…

      • From the leader booklet:
        • Directions on how to use the fairy program with your girls.
        • Everything your girls will need to learn how to be a sister to every girl
          • Practice and learn with one activity
            • Words hurt – it will help your girls understand the importance of thinking before they speak & being respectful to one another.
          • Be creative with one craft
            • Circle of friends–  This craft will help your girls understand what it means to be a sister to every girl.
          • Get moving with one game
            • Truth path – In this game your girls will learn more about trusting others because trusting your friends is a important aspect of a friendship.
          • Put what they learn into action with this activity
            • Be a sister to everyone – now that your girls understand how to be a sister to every girl it is time to put it into action.
      • From the girl’s activity booklet:
        • Cut and paste images to put onto a garden scene.
        • The be a sister to every girl fairy shares ways to live by the petal law.
        • Follow up question related to the petal law.
        • Printable templates needed for activities

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