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practice with purpose activity booklet

    Practice with Purpose Activity Booklet

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      This activity booklet was designed to fulfill the requirements for the Junior Practice with Purpose or can be used by frontier girl leaders to earn similar badges. Great for teachers and home schooled kids as well.

      In this booklet you will learn about different ways to set goals and achieve them by practicing, doing drills, and doing activities to up their endurance level just like professional athletes. They practice and practice to get better at what they do. These activities will help you improve your skills in whatever type of sport or activity you want to get better at.

      Activities Include:

      1. What is your goal – practice making goals and achieving them with a few fun activities and interview questions to ask a professional to understand more about what you need to do to reach a goal.
      2. Bringing up your endurance level – begin building endurance levels by playing a Yoga playing card game, and tracking improvement with 5 fun exercises.
      3. Time to build up strength – complete a few activities designed to help build strength up to reach personal fitness goals.
      4. Get the skills with drills – try a drill that was already created and then work in groups to design their own drills to have other groups try.
      5. Practice makes perfect! – create personal vision boards about what goals they want to achieve. Then they will make their own challenge chart to follow for one month. After the month bring back to meeting and share if goal was reached, discuss if more practice is needed, or what they could do different to reach the goals they set.

      Do you need more ideas on this topic? Gain even more free ideas to teach your girls more about setting sports goals and practicing to achieve them, click here.


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