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Gardener Activity Booklet

    Gardener Activity Booklet

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      This activity booklet was designed to fulfill the requirements for the Junior Gardener badge or can be used by frontier girl leaders to earn similar badges. Great for teachers and home schooled kids as well.

      This booklet will teach you the right way to grow and care for a garden. You will explore inspiring gardens to see first hand gardens in action. You will learn how to design a garden, what plants are best in what environment and understand more about seeds. Then lastly of course plant and grow your own garden.

      Activities Include:

      1. Get out and explore a garden: Learn the right way to grow and care for a garden by exploring inspiring gardens and see first hand gardens in action. You will have a fun scavenger hunt to complete while exploring the garden. 
      2. What is garden design?: Gardening is more than just putting flowers in the dirt. Explore more about what it takes to design a garden that will make people feel happy and inspired. You will do two different activities exploring 6 different types of gardens. 
      3. Picking the perfect plant: Explore how plants grow, which plants will grow the best in your environment, and how much water and sun they need. You will create your own seeds to plant, play a few fun games to learn more about 4 different flowers you may want to try to plant yourself.
      4. What seed is the right seed: Knowing what plants will grow best in your environment is hard to determine by just reading a label. Soil, sunlight and water can effect how well a plant grows try a fun seed observation activity to learn more about seeds.
      5. Grow and Care for Your Own Garden: Taking everything we learned in the past 4 activities let’s plant our very own  garden and grow and care for it. Choose between an indoor or outdoor garden or just do both. 


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