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Talk It Up, Making Choices, Money Counts, Count It Up Daisy leaf activity booklet

    Talk it Up, Making Choices, Money Counts, and Count It Up Activity Booklet

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      This activity booklet was designed to fulfill the requirements for the Daisy Talk it Up, Making Choices, Money Counts, and Count It Up Leaves. It could also be used to teach your girls about how to handle money if your part of another organization  are not earning leaves.

      Money Counts
      Learn more about what money is and how you can use it to buy what you need and want. Your girls will learn more about what money is worth with these activities.

      1. What is the difference between Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters? Play games learning more about the differences in coins, and for added fun learn how to clean a dirty coin.
      2. What do you know about paper money? Girls will put their money skills to work practicing spending money and making a editable necklace.
      3. Do you know how much things cost? Girls will uncover how much things cost and activities that don’t and for added fun sing the a money song.

      Making Choices
      Learning more about the best things to spend your money and making the right choice by investigating what the difference is between our wants and needs because both cost money.

      1. What are difference between needs and wants. Girls will organize their wants and needs into different bags and talk about why certain items are concerned a want or a need.
      2. Learn how to save for your wants. Girls will do a activity to understand how to set and aim for a goal to understand how to save for what you want.
      3. Now that you know what a want and a need is, help others understand it. Girls will play a game to help them understand how many people in world struggle to get the things they need.

      Count It Up
      Learn more about cost and how much you want to earn as a troop.

      1. Do you know the whole cost? Girls will learn more about cost of product by playing a games counting the correct change and doing a coin rubbing activity.
      2. What do you know about the product. Girls will learn more about the product by playing a number of get to know you games.
      3. Time to set a goal for sales. Girls will design their very own goal poster for the troop and individual goals.

      Talk It Up
      After a fundraiser you have to decide how to use the money earned. The girls will learn more about ways to spend money to help others, and inspire customers to do the same.

      1. Now you have earned the money, now what? Girls will work on setting up their savings goals and play a game using cash to practice.
      2. Using your earned money for good, helping others. Girls will play a game and create a poster to help them understand more about using their earned money to help others.
      3. How you can inspire your customers Girls will role play how they will talk to customers and practice what to say to customers.

      Do you need more ideas on this topic? Gain even more free ideas to learn how to handle money, click here.


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