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Virtual Workshops at PAWS for the Brownie Pets, Junior Animal Habitats, and Cadette Animal Helpers Badges


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I had the opportunity to speak with Katie Amrhein the Education Manager at the PAWS Animal Shelter and Wildlife Center in Lynnwood, WA. She shared with me some great opportunities for leaders all over the USA who want to do virtual workshops with their troops. Below is all the details you need to know how to set up a workshop with your troop.

PAWS offers nationally-recognized Girl Scout badge programs, and our programs for Brownies, Juniors, and Cadettes! This short video gives a glimpse into the programs.

Virtual Workshops

PAWS Brownie Pets is a live Zoom program that uses an adopted pet’s story to explore animal emotions, pet care, animal shelters, and more. Brownies play, watch, understand, and craft using supplies that you already have at home. The activities in this fulfill the requirements for the Brownie Pets badge. We meet for 90 minutes.

PAWS Junior Animal Habitats is an interactive program for Junior Girl Scouts. We explore the value of habitats, and endangered habitats in particular, while learning about animals and brainstorming ways to help animals every day. The program includes a game, an art project, and wild animal photos and videos. We meet over Zoom for 90 minutes.

PAWS Cadette Animal Helpers is a live, educator-led workshop that features games, scavenger hunts, discussion, and activities designed to fulfill all of the requirements for the Cadette Animal Helpers badge. The PAWS program also reinforces our values, particularly respecting animals and the importance taking good care of pets. We meet over Zoom for 90 minutes.

Troop leaders can learn more and sign up a Girl Scout or troop at

Other Virtual Workshops to Try

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!

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