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9 Fun Virtual Workshops To Help Your Girls Earn the Robotic, Coding and Cybersecurity badges

on June 02, 2020

UPDATE JULY 21st, 2022. – We have officially discontinued the virtual workshops. It was a great way to get our girls together during COVID times, but now that most are back in person the demand has went away. If you are still looking for ideas and support for these badges. Check out the shop page for printable that you can do with your troop.


Invite a live coding instructor to help your girls earn a STEM badge.

I have partnered with CodeSpeak Labs, the national computer science education provider, to lead special live classes for my Leader Connecting Leaders Community. They have tailored the curriculum to fulfill all of the requirements necessary for one of the Coding for Good, Robotic, or Cybersecurity badges.

Do you love fun patches? I went a step further and also partnered with Mad about Fun Patches who design amazing custom fun patches and will provide “This Girl Can Code” fun patch as an optional add on to any of the virtual workshops. Scroll to bottom for links to purchase a workshop and fun patches for your troop.

How it Works

Your group can sign up for a 1 hour and 15 minute live workshop where a CodeSpeak Labs instructor will work with your girls, via Zoom video conferencing, teaching them how to program their first coding game, animation, robotics or learning about cybersecurity.

  1. Browse and purchase virtual workshop(s) you want to do with your troop from the Leader Connecting Leader’s shop
    Code Basics, App Development and Game Design Virtual STEM Workshops
    Program, Design and Showcase Robots Virtual STEM Workshops
    Cybersecurity Basics, Investigations, and Safeguard Virtual STEM Workshops
  2. Once you purchase workshop, CodeSpeak Labs will be in touch to pick day and time for the virtual workshop. If you add fun patches they will be shipped to you. You will receive a email from CodeSpeak LabsWe will ask for 2 to 3 dates and times that work for your troop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the Coding courses? Here is a video answering some of those questions.

What if I have a multi-level troop? If you are a multi-level troop and would like to combine levels into one session we can customize to fit your needs you know your troop best. We would just default to the younger grade’s lesson. (unless you tell us the younger girls are actually operating at a higher grade level) For older girls with no or limited coding experience, they’ll still learn a lot.

What is difference between workshops based on ages? The main difference is if we use professional text-based code or block-based code, which is like coding with training wheels. The block-based code is used by many high schools for AP Computer Science Principles.

I am not a Girl Scout can my girls do workshop? These workshops are great for kids in any organization and can customize the workshop to work with your group.

Can I get more than 1 troop together for workshop? Yes if you are a smaller troop and want to coordinate with another troop, service unit you can. We can do workshops of 4 – 30 kids. You do need to purchase the workshop once to allow for us to set up one workshop for group and then you can personally coordinate payment from other troops.

What if I want to do all 3 badges for series what is recommended? For example, should we do as a day-long thing, three days in a week (like a mini camp) , one day a week? Do what will work for your girls and their personality If you do on same day I recommend a half hour to hour break in between each session.

How do I know I will get a date or time that works for me? We’ve been able to accommodate everyone’s first or second choice date/time. If we’re in the unlikely situation we’re not able to find a time that works, you’ll receive a refund.

Are the workshops recorded? We do not record the workshops.

How is the robot courses done entirely online? The Robot Design online consists of a variety of activities that cover robot components and how they work, a guided prototype design process, and basic programming concepts so they can demo their robot in action.

How are workshops paced to younger kids? We pace the workshop according to age and requirements of badges being completed. The activities are adjusted for different learning levels. K – 1st graders won’t do the same activities or level of projects as 4th and 5th graders for example. This age group has historically enjoyed the activities a lot, both online and in-person. We understand the challenge of engaging younger students, and adjust our content accordingly.

How do you keep them engaged without any hands on elements? The workshops do include hands-on elements. Activities are done through coding platforms and simulators that conveniently substitute in-person instruction. The girls will learn about robotics through interactive games, drawing/designing activities, and simple coding projects. The biggest challenge K and 1st graders have is navigating the web, so we strongly recommend parents attend the workshops with their girls to help.

How is it a robot design workshop if there is no robot being made? The girls will create their own robot prototypes during online instruction. They will have a chance to experiment with simulated components (sensors, inputs, etc.), and learn about the design process using online tools. One of our goals is to equip the girls with a sense of what building a robot would look like, from the formation of an idea to how you would implement it.

What equipment is needed? For participants who have 2 devices at home (eg, a computer and an iPad, 2 computers), they can set it up so they are coding on 1 computer and then logging into Zoom and watching the instructor with their other device. If they only have 1 computer, that’s totally fine. They can toggle between Zoom and their coding platform.

What are some examples of what girls will code? Here are a few examples of past sessions we have done with some girls. As you can see the subject matter is all over the place the girls will have fun using their creativity as well as learning to code.

If you have any other questions before purchasing email me.

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