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Kaper Chart Ideas

24 Creative Kaper Charts to Inspire Your Troop's Organization and Leadership


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Discover 24 creative kaper charts that will engage and empower your Girl Scout troop. These charts provide a structured system for assigning and rotating tasks, fostering responsibility and teamwork. From colorful and themed designs to customizable options, these kaper charts will help your troop thrive while having fun. Unlock the potential of your troop's organization and leadership skills with these inspiring kaper charts.

I will admit these are not all my ideas, I found some online, others were sent to me to share. At the end of the day I hope any one of these charts will inspire your troop to create a unique fun kaper chart.   

If you want to have your troop Kaper Chart shared on the blog send me a email and I'll be sure to share here and on social media for other leaders to see. 

24 Kaper Charts for Your Troop

Cookie Sheet Kaper Chart

With round peg clothes pins, magnets, yarn, felt, and other craft supplies, girls can personalize their own representation on a clothes pin. Attach a magnet and use a labeled cookie sheet to assign each 'clothes pin girl' a kaper job.

Kaper Chart idea 1

Busy Bee Kaper Chart

Unlock your troop's potential with the busy bee kaper chart. Assigning tasks has never been more fun or efficient! Watch as everyone dons their wings and works together towards shared success.

Kaper Chart idea 2

Brownie Snacks Kaper Chart

Ignite your Brownie Girl Scouts' creativity by letting them decorate their own mini brownies! Transform an old cookie sheet into a personalized display by attaching different plates. With magnets on the back of the brownies, they can be easily moved and placed on their chosen plate.

Kaper Chart idea 3

Popsicle Kaper Chart

Introducing the Popsicle stick kaper chart! Get organized and delegate tasks with this creative display. Assign each responsibility to a Popsicle stick with girl's names on them, making it easy for everyone to see their role and contribute to the troop.


Kaper Chart idea 4

Trefoil Kaper Chart


Kaper Chart idea 5

Simple Kaper Chart


Kaper Chart idea 6

Flower Kaper Chart


Kaper Chart idea 7

Flower Petal Kaper Chart

Assign different responsibilities to each colorful petal. Then assign girls to different tasks.

Kaper Chart idea 8

Hive Kaper Chart

Each bee represents a girl and her assigned responsibility. Watch as your scouts take ownership and fulfill their duties, buzzing through tasks collaboratively. 

Kaper Chart idea 9

Flower Popsicle Stick Kaper Chart

Kaper Chart idea 10

Trefoil Kaper Chart


Kaper Chart idea 11

Brownie Tree Kaper Chart

Kaper Chart idea 12

Brownie Flower Kaper Chart


Kaper Chart idea 13

Spinning Wheel Kaper Wheel


Kaper Chart idea 14

Garden Kaper Chart

Kaper Chart idea 15

Visual Kaper Chart

Use a colorful posterboard and card stock to write up the tasks. Plus visuals for younger girls to know what the tasks are if they cannot read. 

Kaper Chart idea 16

Mouse and Cheese Kaper Chart

Create mouse clips with each girl's name on them. Cut out a piece of cheese from cardboard and paint to look like cheese. Then put tasks next to each hole where you will hook the mice onto.

Kaper Chart idea 17

Daisy Vest Kaper Chart

Get your Daisy Girl Scouts excited about their responsibilities with the Daisy Vest Kaper Chart! Attach task cards to their vests, allowing them to proudly display their roles. This visual and engaging approach makes sure everyone knows their duties.


Kaper Chart idea 18

Clothes Pin Kaper Chart

Unleash the power of efficiency with the Clothes Pin Kaper Chart! Assign each task to a clothespin that has girl's name on them and create a visual display. 

Kaper Chart idea 19

Brownie Girl Kaper Board


Kaper Chart idea 20

Flower Pot Kaper Board


Kaper Chart idea 21

Monkey Kaper Cup

This is a creative kaper chart that you can make with your troop. 

Kaper Chart idea 22

Fairy Kaper Cards

Simply print and cut out these kaper charts.

Kaper Chart idea 23

Girl Flower Kaper Chart

Kaper Chart idea 24

In conclusion, exploring creative kaper charts can be a game-changer for troop organization and leadership. Whether it's using round peg clothes pins, Popsicle sticks, Daisy vests, or even magnets on brownies, incorporating visual and interactive elements into task assignment adds a fun and engaging dimension to the scouting experience. By embracing these creative kaper charts, troop leaders can nurture responsibility, encourage teamwork, and empower each member to contribute their unique skills. So, let your troop's imagination soar as you discover the perfect kaper chart that resonates with your scouts' personalities and needs. Together, you'll unlock a world of organization, leadership, and growth.

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!