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Three Careers for Future Women Leaders


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Although the number of women in the workplace lagging behind men is not a new issue, and despite the positive news that the gaps continue to decrease, there are still wide discrepancies. To be a leader in the world of business, or to be at the top of your field, opportunities for the ultimate best jobs still remain few and far between for women. In 2021, the highest paid executive, Peter Kern, garnered $292.6 million, while the woman with the highest package of $29.5 million ranked 26th overall on the list.

Nevertheless, with the right degree to your name, you can close the distance and stand out from your competitors. Below we will look at some industries where women hold top executive positions.

Defense Industry

Kathy J. Warden is the CEO of Northrop. This means that three out of five, or 60%, of defense CEO positions are held by women. This is definitely the field to be in.

Phebe N. Novakovic was placed highly on several of the top lists of powerful women in 2022, such as Fortune’s Most Powerful Women. She started her career in defense as a CIA operative. Since 2013, she has been the CEO for General Dynamics, a multinational defense organization. Her current yearly compensation is $23.6 million.

There are always at least 100,000 positions available in the defense industry so there is no shortage of entry level jobs in defense. This is the ideal starting point for a career in defense. Here are the top defense jobs to consider. You just need to map a path between the two, which begins with the right qualification. You can select and apply for the most suitable online degree here:

Electronic Stock Market

The electronic stock market is the next industry to look at for potential careers for female leaders. One of these, Adena Friedman, earns an annual pay package of $20 million as the CEO of Nasdaq. Friedman started off as an intern and worked her way up to the top job in 2017 and is currently chairing its board of directors. Forbes ranked her as the 40th most powerful women globally.

Electrical Engineering

Mary Barra earns an annual income of $29.1 million as the CEO of General Motors. She got the position in 2014 and is responsible for its focus on manufacturing only electrical cars. Both of her personal cars are electric vehicles. Barra also started at the bottom in her industry by working as an engineering student. She distinguished herself with an MBA degree that followed on from her Bachelor of Science (BSc) in electrical engineering.

Lisa Su is also a woman who proved herself in the electrical engineering field. She receives annual compensation of $29.5 million in a top position in Advanced Micro Devices. Su has worked at several jobs in her time at Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. These include general manager and senior vice president. Biden appointed Su to the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

Be prepared to start in an entry level position and to study towards your career. Nevertheless, as these women prove, it is possible for a woman to reach the top of her industry. Don’t lose sight of the goal.

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