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Girl Scout bridging ideas

How to Put on a Mini Bridging Ceremony with Your Troop

Are you looking for a fun and meaningful way to celebrate your troop's bridging ceremony? Look no further! In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps of...
Girl Scout Flag Ceremony

Everything You Need To Get Started With A Flag Ceremony

There are many types of Flag Ceremonies and Folding the flag ceremonies. Today I want to share a few for you to take back to your troop. I recommend getting...
Star is Born Girl Scout Ceremony

A Star Is Born Ceremony Great For The Highest Awards For Your Troop

If your troop is planning an award ceremony for one of the highest awards Bronze, Silver or Gold it is always great to come up with new and exciting ways...
Girl Scout Wishing Well Ceremony

Everything You Need to Have a Stepping Stone & Wishing Well Bridging Ceremony

I have been a leader for so many years, I became tired of the same old Bridging ceremonies. So I decided to create a completely new Bridging Ceremony. I have...


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