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Daisy Safety Award ideas

5 Fun Activities to Earn the Daisy Safety Award with Ease


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With these five creative and interactive activities, earning the Daisy Safety Award will be an enjoyable journey for both leaders and Daisies. By combining fun with essential safety knowledge, you can ensure that your troop is well-prepared to navigate the world safely. So, let's get started on earning that well-deserved Daisy Safety Award!

Today I want to share a few ideas to get you started.

Daisy Safety Award Activity Booklet

In this activity booklet you will teach your girls about their personal safety, choking safety, and fire safety. Using this booklet you will do activities and games that will help your girls remember their address, phone number, what to do when someone is choking, and what to do in a fire emergency. When the girls have completed this 6 page booklet they will understand all the safety concepts and be able to share what they learned with others. Get Your Safety Activity Booklet Now!

Create Your Own Fire

create your own fire - safety award

Girls love to get messy, so I purchased marbles, and had 5 x 7 paper for each girl . First I printed fireman paper dolls that I got from which are free printables. I printed the black and white so the girls could color their own fireman any color they wanted. After the girls color the paper dolls set them aside. Then give each girl a 5×7 piece of paper, three marbles, and large paper plate with three colors Orange, Red and Yellow paint. 

Explain to girls they are going to create their own fire, by dipping the marble into the color paint and rolling across paper. Then choose the next color and roll on paper, and lastly the last color. Set it aside and let dry. When dry the girls will glue their paper fire man onto paper and slide into their picture frames that I purchased from pat catans.

After completing Fire Safety portion of award, give each girl a fire safety temporary tattoo. Here is a great set with a variety of options: Fireman Fire Safety Temporary Tattoos For Kids with 72 Pieces

Safety Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt where Daisies search for safety items around their meeting space or outdoor area. Provide them with a checklist of items such as a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, or emergency exit signs. This activity will teach them to identify and understand the importance of these safety items.

Stranger Danger Role Play

Help Daisies understand how to handle encounters with strangers through role-playing scenarios. Assign different roles to the girls, including the stranger, the Daisy, and a trusted adult. Guide them in practicing appropriate responses and actions to ensure their safety.

Stranger Danger Whistle

Crafting your own stranger danger whistle is a unique way to spark conversation and instill safety awareness. By combining creativity with a safety tool, this craft offers an opportunity to educate and empower your girls to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations. 

Garden Fairy Adventure Kit

This activity program was designed to fulfill the requirements for all 10 Daisy Petals and Promise Center or can be used by frontier girl leaders to earn similar badges.


The petal fairy program will take your girls on a garden adventure with their new petal fairy friends who need your girls help to plant their flowers, water their gardens, and in return the petal fairies will help your girls learn how to live by the 10 fairy laws one activity at a time.

Garden Fairy Fun Patches

You are going to love this cute adorable fun patch to put on the back of your girl’s vest. This goes with the Petal Fairy Program mentioned at the beginning of this post.  You can buy each petal patch individually or as a complete set.

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!