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5 Fun Activities to help you earn the Daisy Good Neighbor Badge


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Working alongside new girl scout members is always an awesome experience! I find that it refreshes my enthusiasm for Girl scouting and makes any troop year feel more exciting.

 If you have a Daisy troop, one of the badges you may want to complete together is the Daisy Good Neighbor Badge.  The purpose of this badge is for your girls to find out how they can help your communities by being a good neighbor. You will teach them more about the communities they belong to—and how the people in their communities work together to be good neighbors to each other.

Daisy Good Neighbor Badge Ideas

Discover and Explore Your School

With this activity you can learn more about the school your girls attend. One option is to create a handmade map of their school, and brainstorm ideas about how they can be good neighbors to people in different parts of the building.

Another fun way to help your Daisy scouts learn about their school is through a photo scavenger hunt. You can go throughout the school, taking photos. Then, show the pictures to your scouts and encourage them to find where each picture was taken. If you pair them up with partners or in a group, this will help them make new friends as they search for answers together. The ultimate goal is for them to get a better idea of their school and gain an understanding on how everyone works together.

Discover Your City or Town

One of the essential life skills your scouts need to obtain is discovering facts about their town for the first time. One way to start this exercise is to Google interesting places in your area together. 

Some examples are coffee shops, libraries, restaurants, and other options in different parts of town. You could also go on an adventure trip around town and see if your girls notice special landmarks like a fairy house, a wooden bench with a special dedication, or a sign about a historical landmark. Who knows-- they might just discover their new favorite place!

Once again, no matter how your scouts decide to explore their town, the end goal is to use this information to learn about how they could be a better neighbor. They can have the chance to find volunteering opportunities, learn about city government, or find out about local entertainment, and discuss how they can be a good neighbor in their own town.

Learn About What Makes your State Special

The United States has so many different cultures. For example, if you go from New York City to rural Idaho, you might feel like you've journeyed to a different country! Teach your girls what makes their state unique.

A fun way to explore your state's culture is to help your girls figure out which foods are specific to your state and practice creating delicious recipes together. For example, if you live in Buffalo, you might learn how to make amazing buffalo wings. If you're from Pittsburgh, you could make pierogi together. If your scouts decide to cook food as a troop, maybe they have family recipes you could all share. You could also welcome parents into the experience or involve other troop leaders to make it a smoother and simpler process.

Don't want to do food, they could make their own movie about their state. It could be an advertisement for the state, a skit about state history, or any other way they want to share information about where they live. No matter what activity your girls choose, you can encourage them to break down how it taught them to become a good neighbor to people in their state.

Completing this badge in an enjoyable way will encourage each scout to become a lifetime member. For more advice on how to earn Girl Scout badges, check out the badge activities on my site!

Daisy Good Neighbor Badge Pinterest Board

Another resource that has always helped me in planning is Pinterest – I found some great ideas and added to a Daisy Good Neighbor Pinterest boards that are specifically targeted toward helping your girls be a good neighbor.

Being Friendly All Around Town Activities

Two simple activities to do with your girls to show them how to be a good neighbor to others.

  1. Go on a neighborhood troop walk or bike ride and say “Hello” to everyone you pass.
  2. Draw pictures for your elderly neighbor and then drop them off with a visit. Or go to a nursing home and drop off pictures. 

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!