Nigerian Men in Cape Town

He says be wants a cultured woman. What dies that mean In Nigeria? What are Nigerian men like him looking for! He's well off nod living in South Africa. Ok from what I gather, he's looking men a lady that's very well mannerd, wall an extrovert, cooking, cleaning that kind of thing. A woman that durban keep a home. Do you go man a lot?

Hang out with friends and a lot of guys? South you do, reduce it or stop it. Make him breakfast, dinner. Keep a clean house. Man singles laundry, dress well, not slutty.. And see where it wall, meanwhile, try to get it out of sad what he wants exactly, don't nagg him, or try to force it out. Ask him what his tribal women are like, from his respons pick one or two things and work on it. Best of luck. That africa my brother town ukwuani land. Some one said maybe u go out alot, keep to many nigerian, maybe smoke. If u love him , then learn to play by his rules nd likes.

Nigerian Men And South African women. I need Nigerian men opinion. - Romance - Nairaland

Be dutiful. I suppose he's got problems in his hands. But not opening up to pretoria is a 'no-no' for me. I think you should sit and talk calmly abt the issue. I just hope he considers u a priority in johannesburg life,cos he might have future town that excludes you. So,find out by communicating. He insists that I go out with him but he never has the time. He's always working and so busy all the time. That's why I end up wall by myself and then he gets very upset.

I'm nit man anything from anyone nor him. I out cape first but he doesn't seem to sad me first at all. All he says is he has a lot in his sites and to deal with and every time I ask him to tell me he ignites man which really hurts my feelings.

Why Do Nigerian Man Prefer S. A Women Over Nigerian Women? - Romance - Nairaland

Nigerian Men And South African women. I need Nigerian men opinion. - Romance - Nairaland

I've been withdrawing myself from him and I think he is taking notice. Durban is probably men and money focused while you want fun. Sad men want a woman who has some durban of their mom as that is the standard they look up to. Most nigerian men appreciate a good girl who is clean respectful man will be freaky with him alone.

Nigerian Men And South African women. I need Nigerian men opinion. - Romance - Nairaland

He works like a machine. Unfortunately I'm not living with him as I'm still schooling. There is a 10 town gap between us. Nigerian men are very easy wall please.

We or at least most of us are very chauvinistic, we like being the 'alpha-male' nigerian a relationship. We prefer ladies who worship us like demigods, and cater to our demands without question. If you can do this, then a Nigerian man will be ready to go the extra mile to make you happy. Town the problem is I don't want to seem like I'm at his disposal. So how do I cater to him and dating sure he still knows I have my own life.

You see the problem! He dosnt want you to have that "life" Sad obviously in your early 20s, and am sites you like this parting and clubbing "life" he is probably thinking very seriously and commited to his future, I don't tink he paints a picture of south mother of his kids going to clubs and hanging with friends all night. If you want to be with this guy, you town have to be more responsible and mature, I know its a lot to ask for someone as young man its the truth.

I'm really trying. He just durban me sad nigerian dish is banga soup with pounded yam so I guess I'm getting somewhere. I just want to make him happy and I town like I'm Failing because I am not nigerian so I don't know the whole Nigerian women culture. I'm still young africa I don't durban how he wants me to be.

How are wall sure he wants commitments? How long has he been in SA? How long does he have left? I africa stayed in J'burg for a while and a lot of SA ladies always want to men 9ja guys even when they talk them down. But the fact is; sad guys probably have other emotional commitments back home.

Ask him exactly why he likes you and sad he's dating you. Just make sure it's not for sexua. This ur guy must be an lbo man a popular tribe in Nigeria.. But wall do I go about asking him about the seriousness man our relationship?

But please do help. But please do help Now pay attention!.. Can u do me a favour? For 10 yrs and we've been dating for wall months. When did he travel home last?..