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Easy To Use Badge Planning Worksheet Perfect For Every Age Level In Your Troop

on November 04, 2015

This article comes from a leader who goes by the name of Mrs Ginger.

I was emailed by a few leaders asking to share some of their resources on my blog. I thought this would be great opportunity to get even more ideas out there to leaders struggling for the next new thing to do with their girls. Or a way to help them manage their troop.

She writes “This document the “Badge Planning Sheet” is my very favorite. I share this first with everyone. For girls to help track their own badge progress, especially knowing that it can take a few meetings, or the troop may work on several different badges at once.

After trying many different ways as group leaders we needed a way to help girls be more independent and for us to have less record keeping. We now just note what we did at each meeting and attendance, they help track their steps.

Get Your Badge Planning Sheet Here

Here are some other great ideas to make your troop meetings more exciting and help save you time:


I am the ‘Administrator’ of a multi-level troop. (new title assigned by our council). We have about 24 girls but will welcome any girl without a troop. Right now we have Kindergarten to 8th grade. We have 3 primary group leaders. I lead the 3 Cadettes. Ms. T leads 12 Juniors and has 1-2 helpers each week. Ms. G leads 10 Brownies with 1 assistant who also leads (and is parent to) our 1 Daisy. I also am working on meeting with eligible Juniors who want to work on Bronze. We are active in our Service Unit in which I am communications chair and help at all meetings and events.

A fun fact about our troop is we are 1/2 Cub scouts too. A cub scout troop meets 30 minutes after us. The meeting time was by chance but many of our girls joined because their brothers were in cubs. Ms. G is one of the Cub leaders and about 1/2 our troop in enrolled. This means many families hang out at the church we meet at for 3 hours on Thursdays. I have made a shelf just for tag-a-longs due to so many brothers and little ones. Then our girls enjoy those same fun things during the Cub time.

Do you need even more organization?

How about a 25+ page Leader Planner? It is a creation from another amazing blogger named Jen her blog is called “I am StrawjenBerry” With the help of Jen I wrote a blog post explaining everything you will get in this planner. It has everything you need to plan your troop year. The planner contains your calendar, meeting planners, rosters and badge trackers in one safe place for when you need it. Read more