4 Great Ways to Plan and Organize Your Troop

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One of the hardest parts about being a leader is staying organized. Keeping track of permission slips, badge progress, dues, keeping parents involved, and so much more. Today I want to share some very helpful resources that can make all that seem like a cup a tea.

I recently purchased a very new resource off of Amazon “Troop Leader Planner” and I want to share it with all of you and I have a few pictures from the inside of the book.

Side note: I usually reach out to the author of material that I find to get more information about the product and more about them but for this one I couldn’t find a contact so this is 100% my opinion if you are the author and want me to add more information reach out to me by email and we can chat.

My Number 1 Choice for the Pen and Paper Troop Planner – No Printing

The newest organizer available for leaders that came out this year can be found on Amazon. It is 150 pages worth of space to keep your troop organized. There are two different designs both undated. One green cover and other with flower design. one is undated and one is for coming year.   It is packed full with all this…

  • Troop roster
  • Health Info
  • Birthday Tracker
  • Year at a glance
  • One month per page (Calendar)
  • Attendance tracker
  • Snack signup sheet
  • Meeting / Event Planner
  • Badge and patch tracker
  • Forms and paperwork tracker
  • Volunteer signup sheet
  • Troop dues and fees tracker
  • Financial ledger
  • Checking account tracker
  • Individual girls product sales tracker
  • Cookie booth sales tracker
  • Notes and to-do lists

All I can say is WOW, if you are like me and want it all contained in one place then this book will be great for you. No binders or extra printing needed.

Get on Amazon now

Three parts of the booklet that I really liked is sections to plan each meeting and event, sign up for volunteers for events and activities and a easy way to track dues and fees.

My Number 1 Choice for the Print at Home Option

  • StrawjenBerry Blog & Shop – Do you need a Leader Planner? Well this Etsy shop has the best planner I have ever seen for printing at home and putting in a binder. The planner includes everything you need to plan your troop year in a colorful, fun format. It all starts with a personalized cover that includes your name, troop number (optional) or year. You’ll never have to search for information again because it will be all in one place. The planner contains your calendar, meeting planners, rosters and badge trackers in one safe place for when you need it. Learn more about this resource here

Teacher Planner Great for Leaders

As a leader we are all teachers, which is why another great product that I use even for life planning is The Life Planner by Erin Condren which has a great teacher planner option. The best part its super customizable binding options, designs, customization features & so much more.

The 12 Month Planner offers many options: 

  • Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Spreads
  • Note Pages, Checklist Pages & Communication Logs
  • Coiled & Binder Planner Extras: Holiday Stickers, Planner Stickers, Inspirational Quotes
  • Three Binding Options: Coiled, Binder & Softbound
  • 2 Interior Design Options: Oh So Retro & Kaleidoscope

Learn more and get yourself a life planner or teacher planner to stay organized with your troop.

Choose one of these 2 apps if you like organizing digitally 

  • Have you heard of the BAND app? It is an app that can take the burden off of troop leaders and lend a “helping hand” – It’s a leading group communication tool that troop leaders can use to stay connected with parents without having to use multiple apps. With Calendar, Community Board, and an Album built-in in, BAND fulfills your group’s communication needs, including scheduling, information/file sharing, chat, organization and accountability.  I have a great post that explains all the features and how to get your hands on it.  Here is the 4 ways this app can make your planning easier.
  • Have you heard of Groopit? It allows you to spend less time organizing and more time on what matters: the girls. Groopit’s social-inspired format lets everyone know what’s happening as it happens, so it’s easier to participate, capture the fun, manage badges, and get things done. Here is where I share the 3 easy steps to get back to having more fun and less organizing with this app. 

Activities to Make Planning Easier

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Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!

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    Thanks for the timely post!
    Question…one of the notes on the amazon page for the dated paper calendar said the dates were not correct on the one she ordered. Did you have a problem?

    • Hi there no I did not have a issue with mine. What I am wondering I saw on GreenGab someone saying the same thing. Not sure if was same person, but she said that it was wrong and asked if anyone else had issues. When a few responded with theirs was good She came back with wow I was confused they laid book out Monday to Sunday instead of Sunday to Saturday like most calendars are so it was right just she was expecting it to be laid out different. I have not heard anyone else say there was a issue either and I have shared this and others have shared on facebook too.

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